North Point Yacht Sales

Why List Your Boat With Us?

How We Do It – Marketing: The Sequence of the Sale

We Invest in Marketing Your Boat. 
Every successful sale begins with the product, coming to the attention of a prospective buyer. We get your listing up on several Multiple Listing Sites (MLS) to expose your boat to the continuous traffic, as well as publish it to our website. Your boat immediately benefits from North Point’s regional and national reach. We understand that digital advertising needs to be continuous, consistent, and attention grabbing for prospective buyers. This draws prospective buyers to our site and your listing. Additionally, we participate in regional and national boat shows, invest in social media and print advertising, contribute to fishing tournaments, and provide invitation only showings to get your boat the most exposure.
Deliver Interest. 
We are experts in preparing a listing that showcases your boat and its unique features. Our experience can elevate your boat up to show condition and showcase it in an appealing setting. With a comprehensive listing, careful staging, high end photography, and keeping your boat at our office, will attract more prospective buyer’s to your boat.
Custom Evaluation Through Experience. 
Our experienced and professional yacht brokers can guide a prospective buyer through the evaluation process, helping him or her understand how a boat’s features will fit with that buyer’s particular set of interests and needs. We understand that buying a boat can come with a set of compromises. It’s best to work with a broker with lifelong boating experience to help guide a buyer through this complex evaluation. Also, we are well connected in the industry and have created relationships with the top brokerage houses in the country to help match your boat with their clients.
Use Our Trusted Connections.
Often the process can get derailed without industry connections; North Point’s breadth of experience built on many transactions keeps the process moving.  After the evaluation process, our trusted surveyors, financial officers, insurance providers, transportation, and professional crew all serve to make your listing experience easy. 
We Keep it Fun.
Although the sale or purchase of a yacht is a business transaction, yachting at its core is really all about fun. Our goal is to keep it that way. Our friendly and responsive sales staff have several years of experience as yacht sales professionals and on-the-water experience. They understand the marketplace, and they listen to you to determine the best plan to meet your requirements. North Point takes great satisfaction that most of our clients frequently drop by just to say “hello.” For us, this is confirmation that their experience was a positive one.
About Us

North Point Yacht Sales is passionate about boating. Whether you are a sailor or a power cruiser, a buyer or a seller, we have the knowledge and experience to produce the results you are looking for. We are not just in the business of selling boats, but rather building lasting mutually beneficial relationships, both with our customers and other industry professionals.

We strongly believe in the motto – “Do what you know and do it well.”  The brands of boats that we have chosen to represent are a direct result of that philosophy – MJM Yachts, Caymas, Tiara Sport and Tiara Yachts powerboats, Hanse Yachts, Dehler Yachts, and Moody Yachts sailboats, are the hallmarks of quality, innovation, and customer trustworthiness. Our brokers’ extensive experience and history with these types of boats, both new and used, is a priceless asset when it comes to buying and selling.

Selling a valuable asset like a yacht is a complex process. You selected the vessel for a set of reasons that were particular to your needs: how and where the boat would be used, how often, with or without a crew, where it would be kept, budget for initial purchase and subsequent maintenance, features that were kid-friendly or age-friendly, and on and on.

Now that the time has come to sell, a buyer must be found who values those features and their benefits in much the same way you did. Yachts have options and equipment that make each one unique, and wide exposure to a national, or sometimes an international, market is needed to find the buyer who recognizes the unique blend of qualities that your boat represents.
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