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Moody Yachts have a tradition in the luxurious cruising yacht sector, which goes back almost 100 years. They offer extremely high quality and come equipped with only the best technology, which makes life on board extremely comfortable.

Since 2007, HanseYachts AG has been committed to continuing the Moody legacy as the established European yacht boatyard. As one of the largest series manufacturers of sailing yachts in the world, HanseYachts AG expanded its own portfolio with Moody to include deck saloon and aft-cockpit yachts. Thanks to a state-of-the-art 5-axis milling machine, the production of the new Moody models has set a milestone in the manufacture of exclusive yachts. Production takes place practically fully automated and with extreme precision. HanseYachts AG combines established tradition with the highest demands. The brand is being developed successfully, together with the long-standing Moody designer, Bill Dixon.

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Moody Sail Boats

  • Aft Cockpit 41
    Aft Cockpit 41
  • Aft Cockpit 45
    Aft Cockpit 45
  • Deck Saloon 45
    Deck Saloon 45
  • Deck Saloon 54
    Deck Saloon 54