North Point Yacht Sales

Customer Testimonials

I met David Cox when I flew to the U.S. to view a yacht. I found him to be informed, friendly and professional. It was obvious he loved boats and sailing, a sailors sailor. He even gave me a ride back to my hotel door ! Highly recommended.


My wife Jane and I had the pleasure of working with Peter Bass over the last 3 or 4 years.  Peter is a hardworking professional, calm and easygoing, and I would recommend him without hesitation.  In 2012 we decided to pursue our dream and buy a boat large enough to live aboard and cruise coastal waters.  Peter spent many days with us, often driving us to various boatyards to board a wide range of boats.


After viewing each boat, we would discuss their pluses and minuses and how that boat would or would not fit our needs.  Peter often brought up features that we had not considered, some beneficial, some that did not appeal to us.  Through that process we were able to narrow down the vast range of boats to a few that made sense for our budget, plans, experience and other factors.  Staying with this process we quickly reduced “every boat in the world” to a handful. 


Ready to make an offer and negotiate terms, Peter became a valuable consultant, giving advice when asked and helping to select independent advisors (loan, survey, repairs, etc.)  Unfortunately, a few years later we decided to sell the boat.  Once again Peter was the true professional and guided us through that process, selling the boat for a fair price in a reasonable time.  I recommend Peter to any boater looking for an honest, friendly and hardworking broker to help sell or buy a boat.


I consider Broker Tommy Harken as much consultant as salesman.  He’s a great listener for how you want to use and enjoy your boat; and, with his extensive knowledge of boat types, brands and options, he can cut through the clutter to select the best-fit options for you to check out.  His goal is to find the best boat for the best price and I speak from personal experience as the owner of a “lightly used” MJM34.  He casted a wide net to find the perfect boat for me in New England.  He even went with me to check out things on the boat I would never have known or thought about.  My new boat was longer than my old, with a variety of features with which I wasn’t familiar.  Tommy patiently taught me all I needed to know about my boat and then some.   I now consider him a friend and cannot recommend him more highly.

Linda MJM 34z Owner

My wife and I were in the market for a boat for the entire family, but didn't have a particular model in mind.  Grady Byus took the time to go over our needs, helped us narrow down our list of boats, endured a number of showings and ultimately helped us find the perfect boat, our Albin 31.  When it came time to closing and relocating the boat back to Maryland, Grady helped with the logistics.  We couldn't be happier with his service and our boat!

Tim Albin 31 Owner