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Southport 33 FE Mezzanine Option

Southport 33 FE Mezzanine Option

One of the many beautiful things about building a new boat with Southport Boats is that when you have a good idea, they listen! The Southport 33, and the whole Southport line-up for that matter, are sought after because they do several things very well- they hold true to the DNA of every Carolina-style center console and are organically suited for fishing of all types. They also recognize that along with fishing comes family entertainment. With comfortable seating, an ergonomic layout, and a legendary and trustworthy ride, the 33 will also get you to and from your favorite dockside restaurant in style.

Back to the good idea part… As dealers, we looked around and saw some larger center consoles and sportfish boats with “mezzanine” seating and thought there has to be a successful way to execute that in the Southport line-up without compromising space and functionality, as so many have before us. What we envisioned and Southport executed is one of the nicer dual-purpose options on any center console we have seen. Mezzanine seating allows for more seating in the back end of the boat. Combine this with either the Tournament Edition (TE) or Family Edition (FE) and you have more seating for anglers or guests. Obviously this extra seating will be well used when tubing or wakeboarding with the kids and even cruising to and from dockside destinations. Anglers will enjoy the aft facing seating for rides to and from their fishing grounds, and with the range on the Southport 33 of nearly 450 miles, dry and comfortable seating is something most anglers will be thankful for.

Typically seating in the stern of a fishing boat reduces rigging and fishing space. Not with the Southport 33 mezzanine configuration. The creative flip-out seat back utilizes a Starboard backing plate that acts as a cutting, rigging, and storage surface when fishing. When you have filled your in-deck fish boxes with rockfish or tuna, flip the seatback down and you are ready to cruise home… comfortably! See the new mezzanine version of the Southport 33 FE at the Baltimore Boat Show, January 26-29, 2017.

Written by:

Grady Byus