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Exciting New Day Boats


Day boating means a lot of different things to different people. Cruising, racing, sailing and fishing are a few favorite local day boating activities. Exploring our extensive waterways with day expeditions is a convenient way to experience the Chesapeake Bay. The day boating lifestyle can be enjoyed with sunrise or sunset cruises, or longer excursions when schedules allow.
Each boat line has a different take on day boats. Here is a selection of 4 exciting new boat models from MJM Yachts, Tiara SPORT and Tiara Yachts, that are perfect for day boating and more on the Chesapeake Bay. For further information on these and additional models, contact us



Whether family beachgoer, serious fisherman, weekend cruiser or a combination of all three, the MJM 35z is sure to be what you’ve been waiting for. The MJM 35z combines the graceful beauty of a classic Downeast yacht with a versatile modern layout – open transom, flush deck and side boarding doors. The 35z achieves a combination of state of the art performance and comfortable all-weather family boating in a stunning design, having great fuel efficiency, speed and range. For more information about the MJM 35z, click here or image above.


Escape for the day or even a weekend and experience the spacious luxury that the 39 Tiara offers. Option yours for cruising or fishing, and enjoy one carefree day on the water after another. The 39 Tiara is a serious performer. Sophisticated new designs deliver the classic style that every Tiara is built on; an unmatched heritage of American Made quality, strength and seakeeping. For more information about the Tiara 39 Open, click here or image above.


Experience the joy of motion aboard the 38 LS. She boasts the performance, power and sleek styling of Tiara's new sport series. Glass cockpit integrated electronics provide ease of use for captain, while underway and docking. With her fuel capacity, you have plenty of range to spend a couple days running to your favorite ports of call. For more information about the Tiara SPORT 38 LS, click here or image above.