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Common Mistakes People Make When Selling A Boat

Common Mistakes People Make When Selling A Boat
You've decided it's time to sell. By now you may be wondering what is the best and quickest way to get your boat out the door or off your dock. In todays competitive market, a few pictures and descriptions will not do her justice. Each boat is unique and requires a strong marketing plan in order to sell quickly. Here are common marketing mistakes people make when trying to sell their boat. 
1. They Don't Tell A Story
Everyone knows that stories sell. For every boat out there there's a story that needs to be told in order for a potential customer to feel a connection and make a purchase. Think about why you purchased the boat in the first place. What has it been used for? People are craving that emotional connection and the story will justify the purchase. Take the time to explain why your boat is unique and how it will fulfill their needs.  
2. The Boat Is Not Available for Co-Brokerage
Unlike most brokerages, all of our listings are made available for co-brokerage. This means we will work with any yacht sales company in the world in order to get your boat sold quickly. Some brokerages choose not to list for co-brokerage so that salesperson can keep all of the commission. Sure that benefits the salesperson, but how does that benefit you, the seller? Listing your boat for co-brokerage is a no-brainer. Having more than one broker showing your boat substantially increases the chance of your boat selling quickly. 
3. The Boat Is Not Listed on Boat Multiple Listing Sites
There is no doubt that we live in a digital age. The first time a potential buyer sees your yacht is usually in the listing online. We know this because we field several calls everyday of people who are shopping online Multiple Listing Sites (MLS) are the best way to cast a wide net. Boats that perform the best and have the most calls are ones that show the boat, including it’s equipment and options, but also tells the story of your boat. Some of the most popular MLS sites include: Yacht World,, Boat Trader, The Yacht Market and YachtCo. We make sure each of our listings are made into "Premium Placements" on Yachtworld, which will increase your boats click through rate, attract more viewers, and lead to more potential sales. 
4. The Boat is Missing Information
Let's face it, buying a boat is not like buying a car. With slip fees, launch fees, scheduling launch with the boat yard, it is a bit more complicated than taking a car out for a test drive.  It's best to give a potential buyer as much information as possible in order to give the buyer the full experience of your boat.  Present your boat with high resolution photographs, an in-depth description of your boat, and (if you have the capability) a drone video of the boat underway. The more information, the more trust you gain with a potential buyer. 
5. The Boat is Not Listed Online 
Digital advertising is critical to get your boat sold. The benefit of working with a yacht brokerage is that they have some sort of online presence... hopefully.  In a competitive market you want to work with a company that has an aggressive marketing strategy. Consider someone who invests in their Search Engine Marketing (SEM), sends frequent promotional emails, has great social media presence, and one that follows Google’s best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices. You'll reach a broader audience of boaters online, where they are already spending most of their time.
6. The Boat is Not In Regional Print  
Some think that print is dead and this may be true for some general publications. The Mid-Atlantic is unique in that it has over 7,700 miles of shoreline. With the Chesapeake Bay and it’s tributaries in our back yard, there are several regional boater-centric publications that typically do not exist anywhere else in the US. We know that people love content that speaks to what they are interested in. Regional publications such as SpinSheet, FishTalk, PropTalk or Chesapeake Bay Magazine attract tens of thousands of Chesapeake boaters each month. Why wouldn't you want your boat in front of them? 
7. The Boat is Not Promoted in Email Marketing
Think about how much time you spend checking your email each day. Email marketing can be quite effective if it's done right. Spam drives everyone crazy, so it's best to choose a company that has the right email strategy. 
Our number one goal at North Point Yacht Sales is to gain trust and to educate boaters on the Bay and beyond. One way we do this is by producing articles written by our staff with content to educate boaters. We write about several topics on boat ownership and living on the Chesapeake Bay. These articles are sent each week to over 10,000 people who subscribe to our newsletters because they find them helpful. In the newsletter we include several featured listings. This has proven to be a very effective “word of mouth” advertising technique because we send helpful information out to clients, and, professionals who have clients actively searching for boats. 
Sure you may be thinking that it is easier and cheaper to just list your boat on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, and that may work for you which is awesome. You may have the time and flexibility in your schedule and show the boat each time someone is interested. On the other hand, it may be worth your time to work with a brokerage that has a strong marketing plan and put their passion to work for you. Whatever the case may be, we hope you find this article helpful.  If you have any questions about the best way to market your boat please reach out to our Marketing Director, Lauren Mahoney
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