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Best Way to Avoid a Problematic Boat Winterization

Best Way to Avoid a Problematic Boat Winterization

Boat winterization is never fun because it signifies that summer is over and the winter cold is on the way. Here are a few tips to help ensure your winterization goes smoothly and allows your boat to be back in the water problem-free in the spring.


  1. Shake Down Cruise -

On your final winter cruise of the season, take note of anything broken or any upgrades that you may want to get done. Send your list to your service tech so they can get the parts needed to do the project over the winter. Don't wait until spring rolls around to get these started, technicians will be busy with launch season earlier than you think!


  1. Remove Liquids & Perishables - 

Start preparing your boat for winter by getting rid of any liquids that could explode. Then remove any gear and perishables from the boat, which will help keep your interior looking nicer for longer. 


  1. Clear out Gear & Save Money -

Removing gear and cushions from lockers and access points will also help expedite the winterization process for our techs, thus lowering your bill. Cleaning out your gear gives you a good opportunity to look over the interior of the boat for potential issues that need to be addressed. 


  1. Let it Breathe! Avoid Mold -

When organizing your interior, keep in mind that airflow is key to keeping a boat mold-free during the winter so try to keep your interior doors open and cushions vertical. This will help circulate air around the boat and will help to prevent dry rot in wood and mold in cupboards and on cushions.


Last but not least, you could skip the winterization all together by packing up the family and heading south for the winter. Nothing needs to be winterized when the only ice is in your frozen drinks.


Article by Nick Martin and Sophie Podlich

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