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Best Questions to Ask Before Selling Your Boat

Best Questions to Ask Before Selling Your Boat
We are coming to the end of the most unique boating season we have ever seen. We went from not being able to use the Chesapeake Bay at all to an incredibly busy boating season. There has been an infusion of new boaters and people who have found the time to get back into boating. This has brought inventory levels to historic lows in both the new and used boat markets. So with no end in sight to a booming boat market, it is a great time to sell. As you reflect on your past season, you may be asking yourself a few different questions:

1. Did you use your boat enough? 

Each year, we see a few boats in the boatyard that "collect dust". These boats show no signs of life, are not moved into the water, or worked on at all. Sure it is only a select few, but we often think of how many people would enjoy playing on the Bay on that same vessel. If you are guilty of this, or simply found that your priorities have changed, it may be time to consider selling. 

2. Does it have enough room?

Life happens! Your family may be growing and you need a few more cabins below to accommodate. Or you are spending more time on the water with friends and wish you had a bigger cockpit to hangout in. Whatever the case may be, if you need more or less room, why not trade-in or sell your boat and find one to fit your lifestyle? 

3. Is it time to move into a newer boat?

Often we find that boat owners accumulate a "wish list" for what they want on their next boat. Maybe they met someone at a marina with new electronics or easier docking system. Whatever the case may be, consider trading-in and buying new. That way you can have the benefit of warranties and upgraded systems that will make your boating experience a better one. 

4. Have your boating needs changed?

This is a great question to ask. Since used boats are selling so quickly it may be time to make a change if your family needs have changed. Get together with your loved ones and discuss what will make your boating experience a better one. Perhaps the boat you have will work just fine, but if you find yourself on the fence, we reccommend talking to a yacht sales professional to weigh out your options. 

These are all good questions and things you should be thinking about. If you are thinking of moving into another boat in the spring or just getting out, now is the time to get your boat on the market. Other boaters are asking the same questions and may think your boat is the perfect boat for them, as it once was for you.
This is also the perfect time to get photos of your boat. Often this decision is made after the boat has been put away for the season and it can be difficult to get good pictures after the boat has been winterized and packed up.
So if you are thinking or know that it is time to sell your boat, give us a call. We are always looking for nice, clean, well cared for boats to help move onto their next owners.
Article by Bob Oberg - CPYB
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